Book a wine tasting !

Dear wine lovers, you can book a wine tasting here ! We suggest 2 different experiences to share with your friends, family or colleagues. Whenever it is for a birthday gift or a team building, the wine tasting will always be a great moment ! French tapas will be served at the end of the tasting.

La Découverte (kr. 330 per person – minimum of 8 people)

The wine tasting “La Découverte” includes 3 white and 3 red French wines. This experience will allow you to discover very different products from France that you for sure have not tasted before ! We are certain you will love them !

Les Vins d’Exception (kr. 330 per person – minimum of 8 people)

The wine tasting “Les Vins d’Exception” includes 3 French Grands Crus from 2013 and 2014, that you must taste ! Even if all the wines I import for you are great, those 3 Grands Crus are the symbol of the French expertise in term of wines. I can only be proud to serve them to you !

La Complète (kr. 560 per person- minimum of 8 people)

You want to taste all of them ? The wine tasting “La Complète” is made for you ! You will taste 3 French white wines, 3 French red wines and 3 French Grands Crus. A complete tour de France in the French vineyards !

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