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White winesGlass price (kr.)Bottle price (kr.)
Charles Baur, Gewurztraminer Fronenberg 2018, Alsace, Øko125490
Slightly mild, this wine smells like rose, lychee and candied fruit. The taste is round, balanced and full of exotic fruit flavors.     
Domaine Gramiller, Côtes du Rhône Blanc Plénitude 2021, Rasteau, Rhône, Øko95360
Grapevine peach, fresh almonds and flowers flavors. The mouth feel is pure and wide with notes of spices. This complex wine has also a nice acidity with final touch of reglisse and fennel.    
Charles Baur, Pinot Gris 2019, Alsace, Øko125490
Its freshness and great balance between sweet and acidity will seduce you for sure. The taste is round with note of fresh apple.
Charles Baur, Perle de nos terroirs 2018, Alsace, Øko341
Very fruity wine with exotic fruit, peach and flowers flavors. Very round in the mouth thanks to residual sugar.    
Domaine de la Villaudière Jean Marie Reverdy et fils, Sauvignon Blanc “Charme de Loire” 2021, Loire85319
This wine has a floral smell with a marvelous fragrance of elder flower and green apples, with notes of freshly cut grass. The taste is fruity with notes of citrus fruit, balanced and fresh.    
Clos Sauvage, Bourgogne Blanc « Vertige » 2020, conversion Øko140525
The freshness and elegance of Chardonnay. Notes of mature apples, pears, with a pinch of minerality and a nice roundness.    
Saint Véran, Chardonnay fra Bourgogne « La Canopée » 2021, conversion Øko800
Notes of citrus fruit and flowers, with a pinch of nuts, butter, grilled bread, thanks to a mastered maturation that does not hide the fruit purity.    
Château Penin Bordeaux Blanc 2021356
Notes of white peach, pink grapefruit, and violet. Soft, tasty and refreshing presence in the mouth, nicely greasy, with volume. Long final taste with grilled notes of wood and vanilla, brought by the maturation in casks.    
Domaine de la Villaudière Jean Marie Reverdy et fils, Sancerre ”Silex” 2021, Loire160625
Mineral flavour with notes of elder flower. The taste is concentrated, dry, with an intense and fruity acidity that coats the palate. This wine has a long final. 
Red winesGlass price (kr.)Bottle price (kr.)
  Charles Baur, Pinot Noir 2018, Alsace, Øko95395
The cherry red colour has light purple reflects. Intense flavour of red fruit. The taste is fleshy, flavory and elegant.      
Château Bois Joli, Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux 2017, Bordeaux319
The colour is bright red and shiny. The smell develops fragrances of toasted and minty red fruit. First impression in the mouth is rich and thick, structured with fresh and powerful tannins.    
Clos Sauvage, Cru Saint Amour fra Beaujolais « Cocagne » 2020 Idem “Vertige”150600
Matured fruit flavours with notes of chocolate. The taste is mellow, with a light wooden flavour well integrated in the final.    
Domaine du Banneret, Châteauneuf du Pape Rouge 2019925
Its fruit has great purity. Intensity and delicacy serve the complexity of the great terroir wine.    
Domaine Gramiller, Côtes du Rhône Rouge, Fruits Rouges 2021, Rasteau, Rhône, Øko90350
Raspberry, wild blackberry and pine flavours, with notes of white pepper and liquorice. The mouth feel is round and fruity with silky tannins.    
Domaine Gramiller, IGP Rouge sans soufre Les Ramières 2021, Rasteau, Rhône, Øko325
Floral and fruity notes of Grenache, liquorice and black berries from Alicante region. An indulgent and sapid wine with pinches of leather and spices.    
Château Haut-Lamouthe “L’Inédite” 2018 Bergerac, Bordeaux120450
Nice colour, pleasant  liquorice, fruit stone and Morello cherry smell. The mouth feel is sweet, with silky tannins.    
Domaine de la Villaudière Jean Marie Reverdy et fils, Sancerre Rouge “Silex” 2019135525
Beautiful intense and deep ruby colour. The smell is expressive and reveals complex flavours of mature fruit, raised by grilled and smoky notes. The taste is fruity with animal notes.    
Domaine Gramiller, Rasteau Gramiller 2020, Rasteau, Rhône, Øko115495
Beautiful alliance between Grenache and Syrah releases the distinctive feature of clay, with notes of mint, medicinal plants and pepper. The taste is fruity with soft tannins. Nice concentration and long final. 
Sparkling winesGlass price (kr.)Bottle price (kr.)
  Champagne Jean Marie Goulard « La Charme » 100 % Pinot Meunier950
Wooden and intense harmonious smoky tones, as well as charming vanilla and creamy shades. In the mouth, touch of apples, peaches, and citrus fruit.    
Crémant Charles Baur d’Alsace109450
Complex fragrance with notes of apples, pears and banana. The mouth feel is fresh, delicate and well balanced. Nice acidity and fine bubbles. 
RosésGlass price (kr.)Bottle price (kr.)
  Côte de Provence Les Marquets Classic Rosé CDP 202195385
The taste is fruity and round with long final. Smells like flowers and citrus fruit. Dry but nice balance.    
Côte de Provence Prémices des Marquets VDP Var Rosé80300
The taste is fruity and round with long final. Smells like flowers and citrus fruit. Lighter and dryer than the Classic but with nicer balance.      
Côte de Provence Les Marquets Rosé MAGNUM 2021 CDP 2021750
The taste is fruity and round with long final. Smells like flowers and citrus fruit. Dry but beautiful balance. 
Dessert wines – from BergeracGlass price (kr.)Bottle price (kr.)
  Château Haut Lamouthe Côtes de bergerac Moelleux 202085325
Elegant and mild wine, with roundness and balance. Flavours of apricots, mature peaches, honey, acacia, and nuts…  
  Château Haut Lamouthe Monbazillac 2019120450
Splendid concentration and intensity. Beautiful texture with nice sweetness. Powerful flavors of apricots, crystallised fruit, honey, tarte tatin…  
Antoine’s wine cellar – from BordeauxGlass price (kr.)Bottle price (kr.)
  Château Franc Grace Dieu St Emilion Grand Cru 2014695
On the elegance and fineness, some notes evolve on mushrooms, undergrowth, truffle and leather. Pinches of mature strawberries and raspberries.      
Château Fieuzal Pessac-Léognan Grand Cru Classé 2013895
The smell mixes fragrances of raspberries, wood berries and spices, with notes of matured cherries as well as discrete pinches of vanilla given by the maturation. Silky tanins, beautiful lasting, the mouth feel is impressive with its stretched final.      
Goulée by Cos d’Estournel Médoc Grand Cru Classé 20141060
Savours of red fruit and cocoa, frank and generous, strong and smiling. A powerful and well-balanced wine.  
Gamma Beers Price per can (44cl)
Extra Natural Pilsner 70
Organic Pilsner 70
Zig Zag IPA 70
Big Doink Double IPA 90
Goofy Brown Ale 70
Others Price per glass
Fruit juice 20
Soda 20
  Cheese platter_____________________________kr. 125 per person (120g)
  Crottin de Chavignol : The most famous goat cheese from the Sancerre region  
Trésor du berger : Raw pressed sheep milk from the Pyrénées-Atlantiques region  
Fourme d’Ambert : Blue-veined cheese manufactured from cow milk from the Auvergne region  
Munster fermier : Raw cow milk cheese from the Alsace region  
Saint Nectaire : Unpasteurized cow milk cheese, uncooked, pressed from the Auvergne region  
Tomme de Savoie : Unpasteurized cow milk cheese, uncooked, pressed from the Savoie region
Charcuterie platter___________________________kr. 100 per person (120g)
Rosette de Lyon – cured porc sausage from Lyon  
Italian Mortadella  
French pâté de campagne  
Italian salami Finocchiana  
Jambon sec de Bayonne – Air-cured ham from Bayonne  
Saucisse sèche de France – French cured sausage
Mixed platter_______________________________kr. 115 per person (120g)

Provencal olives (about 50g)__________________________________ kr. 30

Dry sausage from France (about 50g)_____________________________kr. 30

  The Sancerre kr. 240
Crottin de Chavignol (soft goat cheese – approx. 70g)
A glass of Sancerre “Silex” 2021 (white)
Warm French Baguette
The Alsace kr. 210
Munster fermier (Raw cow milk cheese – approx. 70g)
A glass of Gewurztraminer Fronenberg 2018 (white)
Warm French Baguette
The Sud-Ouest kr. 220
Trésor du Berger (Raw pressed sheep milk cheese – approx. 70g)
A glass of Château Haut-Lamouthe Bordeaux “L’Inédite” 2018 Bergerac (red)
Warm French Baguette  
The Auvergne kr. 230
Saint Nectaire (Unpasteurized cow milk cheese, uncooked, pressed
– approx. 70g)
A glass of Saint Amour Cru fra Beaujolais « Cocagne » 2020 (red)
Warm French Baguette 
The French Alps kr. 220
Tomme de Savoie (Unpasteurized cow milk cheese, uncooked, pressed
– approx. 70g)
A glass of Bourgogne Blanc « Vertige» 2020 (white)
Warm French Baguette 
The Provençal kr. 125
Provencal Olives (approx. 50g)
A glass of Côte de Provence Les Marquets Classic Rosé CDP 2021 (Rosé)