The Story

Why another Frenchman in Aarhus?

One day, when I came home frustrated from a very complicated day at work, I decided to buy a bottle of vodka and a bottle of white martini. I had the idea in my head to make myself the famous James Bond cocktail. But when I arrived in my apartment, I found it very sad to drink alone, even a glass. Looking out the window of my living room, I saw in the building opposite of mine, across the street, a charming blonde who was doing her boxes. I then grabbed a sheet of paper and wrote roughly:


In the suspicious world we live in, I did not expect the response I got. This lovely blonde saw my message and nodded. I wrote the digicode allowing her to access my building on the back of the sheet of paper and showed her. I saw her count the number of floors where my apartment was located, then she left hers.

Surprised to see that my invitation for a drink via a sheet of paper had worked, I quickly grabbed all the clothes lying around in my living room and vigorously threw them on my bed, in my bedroom.

Marianne is a Danish professional flutist who had lived in the flat just in front of mine for 2 years without us having met each other once. Having finished her studies at the Paris Conservatory, she was leaving the very next day to finish her studies as a soloist at Musikhuset in Aarhus. The evening was very nice and we talked about everything.

After she left, we exchanged regularly via WhatsApp during months, until I received a message telling me that she was coming back to Paris for a concert. This message was accompanied by a photo of her holding in her hands a sheet of paper on which was written:


Since then, Marianne and I have been living together very happily in Aarhus; and the drinks turned into a wine bar.